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About Still Waters Counselling

There are moments in a person’s life in which one may find themselves need to reach out for support. One might confide with a family member, a friend or a work colleague. However, there are often times in which confiding in a loved one is not enough, and a more professional approach is required. This is the precise moment in which someone will seek out counselling or psychotherapy.
Still Waters Counselling has offices in Dublin 2 and Dalkey and offers professional, empathetic, and gentle counselling services for adults suffering from a wide range of issues, worries, and stresses.
Owned and run by Steve Thomas MIAHIP, Still Waters Counselling’s Steve is professionally trained in Counselling Psychotherapy at the Tivoli Institute, Dublin. He is a fully accredited member of IAHIP and ICP (The Irish Council for Psychotherapy) and uses a wide range of therapeutic approaches with clients, including CBT, psychodynamic therapy, trauma therapy, Gestalt therapy, and more.

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Here at Still Waters Counselling, Steve provides a non-judgmental, comforting and completely confidential environment for clients. His method allows the client to seek and discover the answers they have been searching for in the ambient surroundings of his clinic.
As challenging as it can be at times, counselling provides untold benefits for those seeking to better understand themselves on a deeper level. Steve can help individuals confront difficult issues and achieve a sense of closure. By working closely with clients on a collaborative basis, Still Waters Counselling ensures a holistic and reliable counselling service you can rely on.

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